Bike Breaks

I didn’t really know this till I checked my ‘stats’ on Strava, but every year I seem to take some time off the bike after the tour season is finished. I don’t know if I plan this every year, but this time I certainly did. In fact, my intention was to take the rest of the year off, perhaps substituting with a gym membership or something else to keep me moving.


Well, it’s been two weeks now and I’m starting to get the itch. It doesn’t help that half my life is consumed with bike-related stuff, or that my Bianchi and Colnago are in my periphery (on my wall) as I sit down at the computer each day.

I don’t know why, but I’m determined to hold off at least a little longer. Something tells me I ‘need’ it. What’s your ‘off season’ look like? I know some people who simply never stop riding, while others slow down, get fat, and start the process all over after Christmas. This year I got fat while riding nearly 10,000 km…but that’s a story for another blog.

14 thoughts on “Bike Breaks

  1. I am approaching 7000+ miles (11000+ km) total this year. I keep on going through the winter, but if there’s too much snow/ice I’ll take to the skis, or go for a walk or canoe. Just as long as I stay happy! Out of action right now though with a trapped nerve in my back, ah well!!

    • Fossil, you and Tootlepedal remain my inspiration for when all my hair turns grey. 11000 km is nothing to sneeze at! I’d love to do some canoeing, but Nimes lacks a river. Then again, the Rhone is just down the road….

      Hope you untrap that nerve soon!

  2. I very rarely take time off completely from cycling. I just enjoy turning the pedals, whether fast or relaxed. Even on rest weeks or holidays I tend to find a bike to ride for fun/exploring, whether it be a mountain bike or city rental or tandem with the wife. Mostly because I don’t train hard enough to need a complete rest, haha!

    I did recently take a whole week off the bike for the first time in years though.

    • Mine has been more of an off-year rather than just off-season. To prevent this happening again, am hitting focusing on strength this fall. To keep up cardio can’t avoid the home trainer, but do hope for a few mtb rides esp if it ever stops raining up here. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get body used to running again, & mind used to swimming in hopes of doing some tri’s and run races too next year. (hmmm.. will I be ‘canceled’ for admitting to this on a cycling blog??)

      • There has been no big outcry yet from my readers, so your comment is safe, Sarah! I can’t imagine an ‘off year’, especially with my job. John and I often talk about the eventuality, though. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, it’s cloudy in Nimes today.

    • That’s an interesting comment, and makes complete sense. Pros often chuck their bikes in the garage for years after retiring because they associate it with suffering and ‘work’. I think my usual seasons are similar, but on a far smaller scale. I like to feel like my season is a ‘season’. Then again, the itch continues, so it won’t last much longer!

  3. I had the same problem this year, getting fat while on the bike all summer. I don’t know if “fat” is the right word, but I’m a lot heavier than I should be. I have to push myself away from the table a little sooner.

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