Steel is Real…but Carbon is Quicker

No, not a proclamation of my love of steel – I haven’t had one of those in 2 decades.



Steel is Real…but Carbon is Quicker is the name of a new cycling documentary by virtual friend, Dominic Wade, who is married to an ‘actual’ friend of mine from my days in Montpellier.

Dominic is the consummate cycling geek, from what I can gather from Facebook anyway. I once posted a photo of a new poster I bought from the 1954 Peace Race held in Eastern Europe and he immediately knew what it was. Dominic must also have a great knowledge of the UK (and Irish) cycling scene, or at least its recently history, based on the people he interviewed in the feature length film. Here’s a short list:

  • Sean Kelly
  • Emma Sainsbury (track champion)
  • Philippa York (formerly Robert Millar)
  • Sean Yates
  • Dini Kennedy and Craig Campbell (BMX pioneers)
  • Adrian Ridley (bike designer)

The film is filled with interviews and footage/photos, taking in a wide range of topics such as ‘how I got into cycling’, ‘greatest memories’, ‘the state of cycling in the UK today’, ‘What riding does to the body and mind’, ‘cycling heroes’, and of course, ‘Cheddar Gorge everesting‘.

Wade sent me the full version of the film the other night and I gorged on it in one go. For anyone interested in British cycling history (and its future), or perhaps even more for those who know very little (like me), it’s a good watch.

Dominic is looking for a distributor to get his film out there. You can contact him through his website if you are one of those.

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