Monthly Report – April

This Haute Route season is not unfurling like I might have imagined, but I know it’s my fault. I don’t seem to have the same motivation as in previous years, not to mention far less discipline. I suppose one leads to the other.

Regardless, I am starting to see some progress on the weight/fat front and now, more or less 6 months into training, My caliper numbers are starting to go down. Still, I’m nearly 19% full of fat, which is not very near ‘athlete’. I’ll keep on plugging.

As for riding, I’m putting in bigger rides and have ridden almost 150 hours this year, with over 41,000 meters of climbing. I’ll need lots more of both to get myself prepared for Haute Route Pyrenees.

Week 1 Week 12 Week 24
Age 50 50 51
Current Weight 73.5 73 70.7
Skinfold Site mm
Triceps 9.5 10 8
Abdomen 37 27 23
Thigh 22 20 16
Suprailiac 21 17 16
Skinfold Total 89.5 74 63
% Body Fat 24.4% 21.1% 18.8%
Fat Mass 17.91 15.40 13.28
Lean Mass 55.59 57.60 57.42

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