One More Ventoux Article

This one’s short, I promise.

At the beginning of the summer John and I hired a drone pilot / photographer to shoot a guided ride up Ventoux. The ride started in the Luberon Valley and climbed up to the lavender fields of Sault before ascending Ventoux from the ‘easy’ side. My artiste wife did the ‘ground shots’ and also edited the video for viewing.

Move over Col Collective, 44|5 TV has arrived!

18 thoughts on “One More Ventoux Article

  1. Super film! I think that was you at the end with your head down looking pretty fresh after 26km(?) climbing. I think you should try it on a single gear bike to give yourself a challenge. Like back in the really old days.

  2. My congrats to Shoko, Gerry. Nice fast transitions, a really good teaser of Ventoux goodness. I saw the (numerous!) rough cuts back in July, so can appreciate the editing work involved!

  3. Great video Gerry. Must be nice to have your own in-house video professional to up the production quality. I’ve already watched this 4 times. 🎬

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