Post HighRoad Cévennes: Detox Time

Our week-long tours are becoming known for their fine choice of restaurants and selection of wine to go with each meal. This is a good thing, but it means that after each HighRoad tour I’m ready to check myself into rehab. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not because we go overboard on the alcohol as a group, it’s just that I have zero self discipline. At least I get to ride every two days (John and I share).

Weight gain and liver damage aside, this year’s HighRoad Cévennes tour (our 4th) was fantastic. We had an excellent group of both returnees and first timers who were good natured even when the heavens opened up on a couple of rides. 44|5 has been pushing the Cevennes as a cycling destination for many years and it’s starting to pay off, with ever-larger groups (9 this time) of riders to introduce to this wonderful area of the world.

We still have a hard time putting our finger on what it is exactly that makes the Cévennes the best place on earth to run a bike tour, but we’ll keep going back till we find the answer. In the meantime, get over here and try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the following photo blitz, brought to you mostly by Wendy, one of our clients who thankfully stopped to smell the Spanish broom.

2018-06-03 08.48.33

2018-06-03 08.58.41

2018-06-03 09.20.03-1

2018-06-03 09.40.04

2018-06-03 09.40.30

2018-06-03 09.47.52

2018-06-03 10.34.46

2018-06-03 20.48.26

2018-06-04 10.42.16

2018-06-04 21.10.00

2018-06-05 11.40.27

2018-06-05 11.54.52

2018-06-05 18.42.07

2018-06-05 18.43.22

2018-06-05 18.43.53

2018-06-05 18.45.28

2018-06-05 18.49.50

2018-06-05 18.51.02

2018-06-05 18.52.19

2018-06-05 18.52.38

2018-06-05 18.53.14

2018-06-05 18.53.47

2018-06-05 18.54.02

2018-06-05 18.54.55

2018-06-05 18.55.20

2018-06-05 18.56.13

2018-06-05 18.56.39

2018-06-08 11.30.44

2018-06-09 06.53.18

2018-06-09 06.53.54

2018-06-09 06.54.34

2018-06-09 06.55.15

2018-06-09 06.55.30

2018-06-09 06.56.14

2018-06-09 06.59.06

2018-06-09 06.59.30

2018-06-09 06.59.58

2018-06-09 07.00.07

2018-06-09 07.00.33

9 thoughts on “Post HighRoad Cévennes: Detox Time

  1. Amazing pics. Makes me want to ride (and eat) there – on the list for next year. I think the appeal of Cevennes is vast empty stretches of nothing but scenery and smooth road. And sheep. The scale reminds of Canadian wilderness, but with vastly more attractive villages. And the other appealing thing: you’ve got the road (and villages) pretty much to yourselves so it feels more like exploring rather than HC-col bagging (not that there’s anything wrong with col bagging, of course 😉 ).

    • It’s such a great area to ride for all the reasons you gave above. And there even are a couple of cols to bag, if that’s what you’re after!

    • We nearly always had some choice for cheese each night, although only a couple of people usually attempted it. The meals were fairly substantial as they were.

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