I’m on Steroids – Part 2

Following up on my cortisone article a couple of months ago, I’m please – and amazed – to report that the two shots I got in my wrist seem to be doing something good.

It took about two weeks or more for it to take effect and now I only feel a little bit of discomfort from time to time and long-ish rides haven’t bothered things much.

What I want to say is, like many of my cycling confrères, I’m a big fan of steroids.

11 thoughts on “I’m on Steroids – Part 2

      • Came down with a gnarly case of poison ivy last spring… a doctor friend put me on prednisone. That’s not even the good stuff and I felt 20 years younger. I kicked everyone’s butt for three weeks before it started wearing off. Recovery from a hard effort was darn-near instant. I could ride hard day after day with no ill-effects.

        I can only imagine the possibilities on the good steroids! Of course, it’s the down-side that keeps me straight. Ya know?

        • That’s amazing. It’s all so theoretical till you experience it, I suppose. If you have any tips on how to contract poison ivy, I’m all ears.

        • 1. Get your chainsaw out of the shed. 2. Gas it up. 3. Start it up. 4. Make sure you’re wearing shorts. 5. Cut down a tree with a vine growing up it that looks an awful lot like poison ivy. 6. Wait six hours before showering.

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