E-asy Does It: Part Two

It seems that yesterday’s blog question about who exactly these new-fangled e-road bikes were really meant for was timely. Pinarello is in the middle of a social-medial shit storm at the moment, having just pulled two offending ads that highlighted a couple of likely purchasers for their new Nytro e-bike: the girlfriend who always wanted to ride with her boyfriend, but thought it impossible because, you know, women can’t keep up with men on the bike; and the 50-something ‘weekend warrior’ who just doesn’t have the time to actually get his ass on the bike and train, but is now happy he’ll be able to ‘fill the gap’ with his weekend friends.


Needless to say, the first one at least, didn’t go over very well. See for yourself:


I can see the Nytro flying off the shelves now…


13 thoughts on “E-asy Does It: Part Two

  1. I can see what might make people mad but I am trying to get Ally to use one so I can go out with her on my fairly speedy bike and we can get more miles in. Does that make me a swine? I should say that I have happily cycled thousands of miles with her at her speed.

  2. My wife would buy one in a second, and for EXACTLY the reason stayed in the commercial. She wanted a gravel bike so she could keep up with us on our mountain bikes – same concept, only better… she just didn’t want to have to work that hard to keep up.

    Uproar indeed. Pinarello hit the nail on the head. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re angry, it seems.

      • I don’t see it the same, as I only know three women who can hang with the B group (my wife is one) and one who can hang with the A’s (she’s a pro). Neither of the four “easily” keep up though. That said, you’re in Europe and I’m in Podunk Midwest USA. I’m sure your view of cycling would be vastly different from mine.

        • Yeah, I get the reason, no question. There’s just ‘something’ about this particular e-bike that makes me wonder. I think it’s the fact that it’s obviously a performance bike, i.e. not aimed at beginners. And if it’s not aimed at beginners, I’m not sure how big the market would be since most people who ride bikes regularly probably don’t want to do it with a motor inside (Cancellara aside…;-). To me it’s like putting training wheels on a Kawasaki Ninja – it doesn’t ‘fit’.

          But the point of the post was more to point out how off the pulse Pinarello was when thinking this ad up.

          By the way, I just looked up ‘Podunk’ and can’t find it anywhere 😉

        • Po·dunk


          a hypothetical small town regarded as typically dull or insignificant

          That’s an interesting take, too. I didn’t quite look at it like the training wheels on the Ninja – but you’re right.

  3. After being acquired by a private equity firm, you would think that the brand from an Italian Podunk would not dig a hole like that. But then, someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so who knows, it may have been a stroke of genius.

  4. I love the Italian mindset. It’s still somewhat old school. Rejecting this modern made up philosophy of bullshit… sjw’s and the like, feminists, etc.

    Tutti Pinarello! Forza Pinarello! Si!

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