While I sit in the sunny Pyrenees, fretting over my (really, really big) one-day sportive tomorrow, I am reminded by Facebook that in the big scheme of things, this ain’t nothin’.

Firstly, I have a friend from my days of teaching in Japan who is running around Mont Blanc, through 3 countries, over 175 km and goodness knows how many meters of climbing…in the mountains…without much or any sleep….all weekend long.


So there’s that.

Then there’s my 60 yr old cycling guru, Rob Armstrong, who also races tomorrow, but for 7 straight days, in his 2nd Haute Route Alps. If you’d like to ‘live follow’ him, here’s the  website:


But really, it’s all about me, so I’ll continue to bite my nails till at least 7:30 tomorrow morning.


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