A Long Time Coming

So I was out on a guided ride yesterday minding my own business, when my client asked me how John (my partner in the cycling biz) and I met. I started in with the standard story of how ‘we met on the Internet’, through my blog, when David (client) cuts in with, ‘oh, I know that blog’. I thought he meant 44-5’s website, but he assured me it was this blog. Then he says ‘what did you used to call that thing?’, and again I made the mistake of thinking he was talking about the current name – Vicious Cycle – but again I was foiled and it turns out that David has been reading my ramblings since the ‘Mr. Patterson Goes to Languedoc’ days, which, of course, you don’t remember, dear reader, because it’s been years.

Anyway, other than the ride up the Gorges de la Nesque being fun, beautiful and convivial, it was also a bit of a spin down memory lane and reminded me once again that even though I might not hear from some of you (David has never commented on the blog) there might be the odd one out there who is actually reading the crap I tap.

Thanks, David, for finally showing yourself.

2016-08-01 10.41.55

7 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming

  1. Nice to read the memories Gerry. Also enjoy the memory of riding Gorges de la Nesque with the nice restaurant on top. Shannon says “Gerry must have ridden that a thousand times!”

  2. Gerry, so nice to finally meet you after privately stalking you all these years! Your journey with cycling, leg shaving and your 44|5 Cycling Tours business have come a long way in a short time and have been interesting to follow. Continued good luck.

    • David, thanks for the comment. I’m so glad that we could meet after all these years, even though I never knew of your existence! And yes, everything has come a long way, except maybe my shaving technique, which is still pretty messy. Hope to see you again someday on the road.

  3. actually, Gerry. Under my bookmarks, your blog is STILL listed as “Mr. Patterson Goes to Languedoc | A man in tight shorts discovers Le Sud” You had me at the tight shorts bit. (and sorry if I contributed to you gaining weight…it was only two days, and I swear I didn’t put THAT MUCH cheese in the Salsify gratin!)

    • Loved that salsify dish, Rebecca! And sorry for changing the name on you. I think cycling will always be a ‘vicious cycle’, so I’m sure that was the first and last modification…

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