Power’s Out

I’m still not really sure how it happened because it was all so quick, buPopup_shutdown_reft it did – I don’t have a power meter anymore.

I had my Garmin Vector since Dec 2013, and had many ups and downs with it, like everyone else out there, I’d guess. Power lost, power found; power down, power back up: the usual. I also enjoyed it while it worked and found it a great training tool, to be fair.

Then came yesterday, on my first climb out of Nimes, and my power was showing 150 Watts. I stopped, re-calibrated, unplugged and plugged my pods back in and still nothing. Meanwhile my cadence was flickering up and down and I started feeling twitches forming under my cheeks from the stress.
On my climb back into town I had decided that I’d had enough and, like my TV in 1992, the power meter was going to leave my life for good. I got home, took a photo of it in its lovely, black box, chucked it up on Troc Vélo, and it was bought, paid for and sent before I sat down to write this blog article.

Rash? Reckless? Impulsive? Probably, but I also feel quite ‘light’, now that I don’t have to concern myself with FTPs, power-to-weight ratios and Freshness and Fitness graphs. Actually, really light, now that I think of it. I don’t have any pedals anymore…


20 thoughts on “Power’s Out

  1. I’ve often thought that riding witha PM can ruin your enjoyment of just getting out on the bike. You must feel a free man!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing if I can actually ‘train’ without it. Interestingly, there’s hardly anything on the internet about training without either a HRM or PM. I wonder how Eddy did it…?

      • He just went out and rode up the grades 😉 But as a fellow Vector owner, I feel similar to you. Luckily, I only get a hiccup every 2-3 months, and a quick reset solves everything. But I am also thinking about ditching it when it’s not behaving… It’s also extra weight, compared to a nice pair of carbon pedals…

        • My riding buddy suggested I ‘get a PM that works’ and all will be good. He’s probably right. And yes, thanks for reminding me to go out and buy some pedals!

  2. Wow, you did it! I still am chained onto my numbers… For two reasons: motivation during “workouts” (i.e. Not just riding Especially inside, which doesn’t apply to you in nice temps, but one may reasonably ask why do workouts unless one races) and I love seeing my kJ numbers so I can eat (but again, after all this experience I could predict those within 10% now). Whatever works for the individual 🙂

  3. It didn’t happen if I didn’t measure it. Love the data. Once an Engineer, always an Engineer I guess. Just the way I’m wired.

  4. Way to go! I’ve been free since first Garmin refunded my Vector after 2 years of service, and then BePro followed suit after just couple of months. On another note, I believe my Edge died today – wonder what will come out of that..

  5. I love riding with my power meter, but it is a powertap hub on a carbon rim.. i was looking at pedals. maybe next year. then i do not need to worry about using the same wheels or have a mix and match when i do want a power meter. happy riding

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