Flanders Bound

I just decided last night to make a trip up north and ride some of the bergs, Straats and muurs of Flanders in April. During my research I dropped the little Google Street View man down for the first time to this scene.


I’m taking it as a good sign (the cyclists, not the clear skies – I’m not that naive).

3 thoughts on “Flanders Bound

  1. Gerry: you know that’s my home region.
    You should definitely ride de Muur van Geraardsbergen, which is < 10km from Meerbeke (my birth place and 'traditional finish' of the Ronde for 40+ years).
    I will be there April 29-30 so let me know if you're there and we can ride together
    + you should join us on Sunday May 1 to ride La Philippe Gilbert
    (great cyclosportive–I did it two years ago; will do it again).
    Flying back to Chicago on may 2

    • Jan, of course I thought about you when looking at the trip. Too bad it’ll be Paris-Roubaix weekend, though. I’m going because Shoko is up in Lille doing a project, so no flexibility on days, unfortunately. I WILL get to that Gilbert sportive someday! In lieu of that, I’m going to his bike shop in Monaco in a couple of weeks 😉

    • Oh, and I’m planning on doing the Muur van Geraardsbergen on one day, yes. The Flanders tourism office has some excellent RVV gpx files I just uploaded to Strava. Good to go!

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