Power Up

I just got done my first successful FTP Test for the season, after a couple of failures due to technical difficulties. The result was a little surprising, but since it’s higher than last year I’ll take it: 282 Watts for the 20-min effort, giving an FTP of 268 Watts.

Now that I’ve had my power meter for a few years I have some data to compare, which I just did, and was pleasantly surprised yet again:

Max Power (20 min)

  • Dec 2013: 236
  • Mar 2014: 256
  • Jan 2015: 263
  • Mar 2015: 272
  • Jan 2016: 282

This works out to around an increase of 20 Watts a year, so I figure I’ll be ready to take on Thibault Pinault on Alpe d’Huez by the time I’m 60.

If you’d like to try one of these awful tests yourself here’s a helpful little video from GCN.

12 thoughts on “Power Up

  1. Really impressive and it’s nice to have hard data like that to follow your progress. I’ve watched a number of the GCN videos before but didn’t realise they had training videos too (for us indoor training guys). I’ve got Sufferfest videos but these are more like a spin class. May have to try one.

  2. Great progress. As I age, I’m just happy to improve a couple watts, or just stay the same as the previous year and hope technology will offer a few watts.

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