The Tales Strava Tells

I was a late convert to Strava, but just like Facebook, email and cat videos, I now can’t imagine life without it.

Strava for me is a window onto the world of my cycling friends, virtual or otherwise. I enjoy my morning scroll down the main feed page to see where everyone is riding and how much they’re doing. It’s just a nice feeling to see folks riding on every continent and on every sort of road (or not). Here are a few selections from today’s feed, with one epic exception at the bottom.

Euro Hills

European mountain roads are often paved-over goat tracks. The simple map below immediately made me think that Turin might be a nice place to visit.



Appearing in winter (or late summer if you live in Calgary), these red blobs are a common sight on my feed till spring (or mid summer if you live in Calgary).



Usually distinguished by huge miles, giant elevation gains and more kudos on one ride than my whole year, these maps should be paid attention to. Pro riders often know the best roads.



I have a few friends in Asia, including this mad one who rides in northern Thailand every single day.


The New World

Contrasting the goat-designed roads of Europe are the man-made ones of North America. I think we’ve been underestimating the creativity of goats far too long.


The Commute

One of our clients, who rides every day to work and back. Just makes me smile.


Whatever The Hell This Is

I’ve heard of Zwift, but like all other technology, I’m holding out, probably fearful of getting hooked.



These are some of my favorites, especially when they’re mine, like the one below (one of the two Queen Stages in Haute Route last year). The white mountains and zoomed-out map tell an epic story of long climbs, exhilarating descents and awesome views…and hopefully a hot bath and cold beer at the end.


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