Point Three

I may have mentioned this in passing, but my new Edco carbon wheels have been giving me some grief. Specifically my front one, and particularly when I’m descending really fast into a corner that requires serious braking. It feels like the wheel is way out of true, or there’s a fault of some sort.

I realized this the hard way, at Haute Route, descending the Col d’Izoard in the wet. The convulsions of the bike were so dramatic that I thought I might take a header into the Alpine abyss a few times.

Photo 002After a pretty disappointing visit to my bike shop, I decided to send the Edco back to Edco. I just got the results today – there is a .3 mm bulge (or ‘widening’). Notice the ‘.’ – it’s pretty impressive that this could be causing my life to pass before my eyes, but there you have it.

Edco are sending me a new wheel, which I’ll talk about more later because it isn’t the same as what I bought. Still, happy to have this solved…I hope.

11 thoughts on “Point Three

    • I agree. It was more their solution (or lack thereof) to the problem that was disappointing. I bought the wheels there, but there was no suggestion of sending it back.

      Full update when I try the new one out.

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