Felice Anniversario

5 years ago today I bought my ‘other bike’, the Bianchi Infinito.



2010 – spanking new

2015-11-26 15.11.51

2015 – aged to perfection

Probably not many of you will remember this eventful day in my cycling career, but if you do, I should say happy anniversary to you for reading my drivel this long. Well done, really.

For those who weren’t around back then, I got the Bianchi because I had signed up for my first Etape du Tour (2011) and only had an old, heavy cross bike to ride on. The Bianchi was a revelation for me and I went right into a fast-track transformation from ‘just some guy who rides’ to ‘just some guy who trains’ – and spends most of his allowance on bike stuff.

The Bianchi helped me lose 13 kg, discover a whole new world of friends, and start my business with John (who I could now nearly keep up with on the road).

What I want to say is, you should really go out and buy a new Bianchi. Only good things will come of it.

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