Tour de France 2016 Route Map

Having spent the last few weeks creating two complete cycling tours, all based on hearsay and conjecture, John and I were chewing our fingernails through the entire TdF route announcement this morning. All those hours spent on rumor sites paid off though, because both the Etape du Tour (Megège-Morzine) and the Mont Ventoux Stage (July 14th) were confirmed.

What this meant was that the hotels, mountain chalet and non-refundable van that we booked were going to come to good use, not to mention we get to have a TdF tour in our ‘playground’!

And now that I can breathe a little easier, I see that the actual route looks fantastic. There’s definitely enough climbing thrown in to make it a grimpeur’s Tour, but also over 50 km of ITTs (even though one has an uphill finish). I love the ‘Mont Blanc’ focus and I’m really glad I can make my way back up that way for the Etape next year.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the peloton rolls right past my place on the way to Ventoux. I’ll send Shoko out to catch some fridge magnets and mini saucissons since I’ll be busy with a full tour (re-commence nail chewing).
12141091_913287695387277_3990383495043155812_o (1)

8 thoughts on “Tour de France 2016 Route Map

  1. Glad to Hear Gerry! I was contemplating doing Marmotte once again which is early July and then doing Etape following week as next year’s Challenge. I did however hold on to that thought until they confirmed the route because I was not in the mood to repeat Tourmalet for a third time. I couldn’t bare the thought of another sub zero climb in the rain.
    Cheers, Pierre

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