Sh*t Chas Broke

There are some people who have a natural physiology for cycling. Then there’s Chas.


A former 145 kg rugby player, Chas lost the weight of my wife and entered Haute Route at 95 kg.  That’s a lot for a climber, but his legs also produced some immense Watts, so I suppose it’s all relative. To keep this machine moving each day required a lot of caloric intake. He was the guy who ordered two hamburgers and extra fries, and when he was asked whether he’d like pizza or pasta, the answer was always ‘yes’.

And last week (I can’t speak for the rest of his life) he was complete menace. Here is a short list of things he broke:

  • His derailleur
  • His rear mech hanger
  • At least one of Mavic’s bikes
  • His Haute Route travel bag
  • His arm


  • His thumb
  • One or more of his teeth


I know I’m missing a few things because there seemed to be at least one a day….till the end – yes, Chas The Destroyer was also Chas The Endurer, and he actually finished the damn race! I think I might have given up at the first Mavic bike. Good on ya, big guy!

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