Haute Route: Intermission

Whenever you think you’re something special, just look around and you’re sure to find people that will humble you. Completing a Haute Route is an admirable feat, I would say, but there are several riders each year who do all three, in consecutive weeks. Take that. Then, of course, there’s the one-armed, one-legged Christian Haettich, who is also doing the Triple Crown this year. Wobbling on that high horse yet?

And finally, there are these two fools:


The fools on the left, not the other one on the right

Erik and Anne are in the middle of the Cent Cols Challenge-Pyrenees; 10 days of immense climbing that will end up in 100 cols when they’re done (give or take). With only one day under 4000 meters of elevation gain and 4 days over 5000, this is one for the string beans and certifiably insane. Erik, I can attest, is the former; Anne, definitely the latter.

Good luck you two on your last 5 days!

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