C’est Fait

I’m not sure where to start with the inevitable deluge of Haute Route Alps blog articles that you’re about to be inflicted with, so I’ll begin with what I can remember – it’s finished!

After 7 days weaving, climbing, descending, climbing, descending, some winding, and a bit of dodging through the French Alps, I, along with most of the 600 or so souls who began in Nice, finished in Geneva.

Some did better than me (167 of them to be exact), some did worse. Some finished early every day (Peter Pouly was 8.5 hours faster than me over the week) while others only had time for a shower and dinner each day before starting it all over again the following morning (the slowest non-DNF was 15 hours behind me). Some made it through without a scratch, dent or wobble; others crashed out (the worst was a broken femur, I believe), trashed their bikes (I have a whole article to write on this one) or had one of many types of ailments that impeded their progress or halted it altogether.

Many were prepared for this extreme punishment – mostly those who had done it before. Many weren’t and survival became the main goal of the week (if it wasn’t going in).

For me, there’s lots to say, so get ready for an ear full. But while my thoughts digest and compartmentalize, I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I’m back, alive, and after the next pastis on the rocks, very well indeed.

2015-08-29 12.19.56

26 thoughts on “C’est Fait

  1. Gerry, great to catch up with you on the HR. The guy who flew off the side of the Madeleine descent was on our plane last night. Good news – he needed a wheelchair but the worse of his injuries seemed to be a badly bruised and cut leg.

  2. Congrats, Gerry! I’ve been telling Shannon about you during last week and I must admit that I added: “Darn, it seems even harder than two years ago–kind a happy I didn’t “have to do it”. Perhaps what I need is a “modified version”: one HR day followed by an easy day, and repeat that a few times. I’d sign up for that immediately for next year (my 50th 🙂 but Rob already showed that he’s a tougher guy!

    I’m curious to read about your state of mind and physique throughout the week…

    • It was definitely harder, Jan, but only because of the tunnel closure, which nothing could be done about. They do have the Compact version, but that’s not exactly what you’re talking about I know. You’re 50th…you MUST be planning something special for that one. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. Well done Gerry… A very respectable position to finish in!

    I look forward to the rest of the blog articles.

    Dan (44|5 etape du tour 2015)

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