Topless Mallorca

I can’t wait to see how many disappointed visitors I’ll get from Google searches with this title.

Before moving on with our lives I wanted to post a few photos of the 5 of us in Mallorca doing something other than cycling. I’ve been told (many times) that I don’t focus enough on the social aspect of our tours (in my defense, I’m usually just too busy eating and drinking), so I’ll try and make amends for that, starting now.

2015-08-07 20.46.28

Route making at the local pizzeria

2015-08-07 21.51.04

Sineu was having its summer fiesta

2015-08-09 20.15.15

Final night splurge in Palma


Lunch – when serious decisions must be made


Topless Mallorca


Coffee – when serious decisions must be made


Post-ride ritual – Pool with Jeronimo’s delicious smoothies


A friend of Jeronimo’s restaurant at the old train station.


Beer – when serious decisions must be made (not by Jeronimo, apparently)




Gelato – when serious decisions must be made

Thank you for reading. This was a nice distraction while I try and forget about what’s coming up in 7 short days.

13 thoughts on “Topless Mallorca

  1. Geronimo is lulling you into a feeling mental repose…. Stay vigilante…make sure he doesn’t photograph you and John in a compromising position…looks likely I must say..

  2. Wow Gerry, who’da thunk that tour research has so many serious decisions at the gelateria and cafe. Or men dining in towels.

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