Why Marmottes Don’t Live in the Valley

My first big objective of the year (thankfully it’s my ‘B’ race now – still struggling with the weight) is only two days away. Here’s the forecast for Bourg d’Oisans, the start of the last climb of the long day – Alpe d’Huez.


This is probably very misleading because the ascent of the Alpe is usually totally void of wind and the sun is directly on you for almost the whole way up in the afternoon sun. My prediction?

4 thoughts on “Why Marmottes Don’t Live in the Valley

  1. I may have to head down that way for the cool air. We are looking at 36-38C. Good luck. Keep well hydrated. On the positive side, weight won’t be a problem at the end of the day. 😎

    • I know, I felt kind of wussy putting those temps up there considering it was nearly 40 in England yesterday. I’ll get little sympathy.

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