Haute Route: Reality Starting to Nibble

My calendar told me to buy my train tickets to Nice and back from Geneva today, so I now know that it’s just 3 short months till the beginning of Haute Route Alps (pro tip: if you’re booking trains, do it now. The prices will only rise).


Training is going reasonably well, I guess, but I’m at the end of a recovery week and things always look grim when I’m sitting on my ass, gaining weight. I am busy guiding at the moment, too, so training will be getting trickier and trickier.

Anne has devised a really big ride in the Cevennes for the group tomorrow, so that should make me stronger if it doesn’t kill me. I have a Ventoux Triple on my mind, too, as well as La Marmotte in early July. If I can get down to Contador’s weight (62 kg) I’ll be ready (and in a new pair of jeans).

And how are things with you?

11 thoughts on “Haute Route: Reality Starting to Nibble

  1. Training has been a bit slack this month. I love my canyon but I did some measurements today and realised my seat to handlebar was 2cm further and seat 1cm lower than my cannondale. Which may explain the severe shoulder pain and tingling/numb hands. Changed them and will go for ride tomorrow.

  2. With me? About to ride up my local hill, but confused … based on your train tickets, Haute Route starts in Nice, finishes in Geneva? Does that mean Col de la Cayolle (or Bonette?) from the south approach? Ouch! Descending towards Nice from Cayolle was incredible, but climbing it? Waaaay harder direction, yes?

    • Yeah, they’ve changed it around this year for a change, so you have to go up a little more on those climbs. I don’t think the overall climbing is more, though. Still, it’ll be nice to do those big ones ‘the other way’ for a change.

    • You’re amazing for what you’ve been put through lately, TP. I’m not sure ‘melt’ is the right word. I might need to shave, or maybe shred, them off.

  3. Gerry – You’re sounding in good form and light! Warmer weather has finally arrived in Scotland and it is helping to motivate for some serious training with 12 weeks to go before HR. Team of 6 from my road club entered HR so it’s good to ride in a group with a common target. A bit behind where I’d like to be (aren’t we always) but had a hard week in Majorca at end of April which really helped. N+1 etc: bought an Emonda – hope it helps to get up those long HR climbs. Look fwd to seeing you in NIce (and I may yet turn up for Etape).

    • Jules, let’s try and meet in Nice. If not there, it’ll be on the road or after the rides, I’m sure. The Emonda is beautiful. One of our rental partners has them this year and our clients are raving about them so far. May I ask how light it is with the set-up you got?

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