Three Peaks Crash Course

Now that I ‘know where I’m at’, after the race in Saint Tropez last weekend, I now need to figure out what I’m going to do to get where I need to be in late August, when Haute Route hits the reality button.

First, though, I must get through La Marmotte, which was my main objective of the year till I received my surprise entry into Haute Route Alps. Therefore, I give you the beginnings of my ‘3-peak’ cycling season.

You can see where I am right now on my mouse-drawn graph below. I’m hoping that my fitness will track the line as it’s drawn and I’ll peak for La Marmotte (July 4th) and then again for HRA (Aug 23-29). The sharp descent after August is me getting back into the beer. I’m starting to do some research into how to train for a stage race, as well as achieving a multi-peak season.

I have turned to the Grandaddy of Pain, Joe Friel, with a little Astana training idea thrown in (without all the drugs). This is the ‘crash course’ from the title, which I’ll tell you all about once I understand it myself. Capture

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