Haute Route 2015: Yellow Light

I’m proceeding with caution, unlike what I usually do when I see a real yellow light. Aaron, the most generous blogger in the Carolinas, has finally gotten hold of the folks over at OC Sport (the organizers of Haute Route) and they have promised to send me a code so I can register without paying. I’m still a bit concerned whether they’ll let me in HR Alps, since it’s officially sold out, but that’s possibly just an excuse for me to keep drinking beer, which I am.


The truth is, Haute Route requires more commitment than I’ve been giving my training so far this year and I’m a little apprehensive about it, knowing now what it takes to finish, let alone ‘respectively’ (I would argue that a finish alone is ‘respectable’ for this event). The good news is that I must now have some of those golden ‘miles in the legs’ that seem to be so important for endurance events, and I still have over 5 months to get myself good and mince for the mountains.

2737-0w0h0_Brasserie_Pietra_Pietra_Corsican_BeerWhile I wait for Josie and that magic code, though, I might as well have a refreshment. Bon weekend!

18 thoughts on “Haute Route 2015: Yellow Light

  1. I’m almost positive the light will turn green soon(ish). But if you’re looking for an excuse to continue beer, well there ya go. Glad it appears to be working out!

  2. hey, beer is no detriment (in normal quantities of course) until may time frame, no? If you start to get semi serious now, and the really focus in june july you’ll be ready for august HR. just my opinion, but it’s worked for me…

  3. In today’s email from the HR organisers they say it’s not too late to put a team in for this year. I’m sure you’d be able to convince some of your former vicious cycle lads to join you for a reunion tour. 🚵🍺 cheers

  4. Would you consider the other HRs? I’m doing HRD for my first one. I get into Geneva on the day the HRA arrives, hopefully in time to cheer everyone home. I’ll keep an eye out for you 🙂

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