Old Stone Bridge

Occasionally something is so old it deserves sepia (the bridge, not the riders, even though one just turned 40).

2015-03-14 10.54.27

8 thoughts on “Old Stone Bridge

  1. I’m thankful to be Sepia-Aged (44). Only way I’d be able to afford cycling the way I like to. Just dropped $180 today… New tires for the Venge and a new chain/cassette for the 5200.

    Most people buy a bike and ride it for ten years for about that amount.

    Awesome photo.

    • I’m a little concerned about the extra outlay I’m sure will come with having two bikes now. I know they’ll wear slower overall, but I’m also sure that the more machines you have, the more dough will fly out of your pocket. Count yourself lucky you escaped so lightly on that purchase!

      • It gets tricky but it is manageable. I have to be careful about it of course. I buy SRAM components and chains, I stay away from the 2,000 mile racing slicks and go for something that lasts and costs less, etc.

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