My Other Bike, Revisited

Eight months ago I wrote about a blog friend talking about his ‘other bike’, which got me thinking once again that I probably should pick up my game and buy a new one so I could finally say the same thing.

Well, now I can (and I do), as you all know, and I’m discovering benefits I hadn’t considered before, beyond the obvious (i.e. being like everyone else).

1. I now have a bike for rain. This doesn’t happen much, mind you, but it’s there if I need it.

2. I don’t care as much if I pop in to have a kebab after a ride and leave the ‘other bike’ in the car. If it gets stolen I still have a bike at home to ride and it’ll only take me 6 months to make enough money to buy another ‘other’ one.

3. I can sweat all over the ‘other bike’ in the living room now.

4. Since the new bike is in Shoko’s work space, and the ‘other bike’ is hiding behind the sofa in the living room, I can see bikes nearly everywhere I go now.

I guess the only problem with having an ‘other bike’ right now is that I haven’t ridden the new one much, which is pretty ironic if you let yourself think about it.

9 thoughts on “My Other Bike, Revisited

  1. N+1, or S-1. I think I am at s-1 right now. I was bringing the ‘road’ into the house the other day for winter storage. Jan asked, “What are you doing?” “I’m bringing it [the ‘road’] into the house.” Silence.

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