Arctic Wind, Snow, and a Donkey

Today John and I threw on the layers and drove over the Rhone (where the Mistral was blowing over 150 khp) to Avignon for an unintentionally seedy breakfast meeting with a colleague from the UK. Afterwards, we drove up to Bédoin to meet a guy about a van and ran into a friend who regaled us with a story (happy ending) about his donkey. And there was snow.

All in an off-season day’s work for a cycling tour operator.

2015-02-05 11.35.25 Bedoin RoundAbout Winter1

10 thoughts on “Arctic Wind, Snow, and a Donkey

  1. Hello Gerry, i imagine any menage a trois where the dress code is skin tight nylon would be seedy, how was the food. p.s i like the first photo.

    • I imagine you’re right, Andrew. Luckily we weren’t in our ‘suits’ yesterday, opting for winter socks and parkas. Food – non-existent, I’m afraid. Thanks for the photo comment. It was a team effort.

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