Not S.A.D. Anymore

I used to live in Vancouver and when I first moved out there, in late 1991, it rained for two weeks straight, at least. People kept telling about these ‘mountain’s that towered over the city and how beautiful they were. I had to trust them because there was nothing but a grey, wet, oppressive blanket covering the city. Then, of course, the clouds lifted, and I was greeted with the image of those 3 frosted beauties on the North Shore. I forgot instantly about that rain.

2014-12-07 10.46.09

I was reminded of this feeling on my ride this morning with Anne. We don’t go very long without seeing the sun here in Le Sud, but we’ve had a bad run for the past week or more, making this sun-kissed ride a little more euphoric than it should have been. I only took two photos because once I get my winter gloves off it’s damn near impossible to get them back on, and I haven’t mastered taking shots with my nose yet.

2014-12-07 10.46.49

Herault River, full.

The bridge above (Pont de Saint-Étienne d’Issensac ), where we had a snack, is the one pictured below. Barely wide enough for an ass and his cart, this 14th century pont actually takes cars…little cars.


Source: Wikipedia

16 thoughts on “Not S.A.D. Anymore

  1. For someone from Canada you have gone soft…..”once I get my winter gloves off it’s damn near impossible to get them back on” ……the bloody sun was shining and we expect a raft of photos on this blog!! LoL!

    • You’re telling me, Bryan. The ‘Canada’ is slowly seeping out of me. I’m working on my nose photography now, so look for more photos from the next outing.

  2. You’ve lived in some beautiful places. Your ass and cart comment reminded me of following this young lady down the narrow spiral stone staircase at Blarney castle. There was no sunshine. They built things smaller back in the olden days.

  3. PRETTY! Gloves on here also, but 36F = good end of cyclocross racing season today. It was a good season: no surprises, all 20ish mid pack finishes. But hey, 48 racing with 35+ isa good excuse. So, Gerry, here’s my question: it seems like a good idea to take a few weeks off the bike, or will the loss of fitness be too hard to regain :)?

    • If you’re asking about yourself I’d say do it. You’re road season flowed right into your ‘cross one. If you’re talking about me, I can’t afford any time off, but I will over the holidays anyway 😉 I’m starting on ‘the program’ first week of January. The Marmotte takes no prisoners…

  4. And here I am sitting in Vancouver… just watched the forecast… only 5 more days of rain until we get a break for a day and then back to rain. But I can’t really complain – this year has been unusually dry and sunny.

    Ahh… looking forward to spending a month in the Languedoc this summer.

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