French Bike Vocabulary: Lesson One

Patte (f) = Dropout patte-de-derailleur-alu-a6

Example: “Merde, la patte est tordue.”

How I know this is because I’ve used this expression twice in the past month due to my two crashes. Fortunately for me,  une patte tordue is easily fixed and so far, gratuit.


7 thoughts on “French Bike Vocabulary: Lesson One

  1. Funny I am just re-building a new full susser mountain bike & came across some new Pattes I had stored away for safe keeping. Turns out they are from the same brand and fit perfectly so happy days! The spare Pattes and the frame are left over from when we used to own a mountain bike business in the Alps – remind to tell you (over a beer) about the story about the pattes and the helicopter which came to the rescue……..!

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