Pierre, Redux

John and I had the pleasure of taking Pierre (formerly ‘Peter’) out on a ride today. Not just any ride, but a near-exact replica of what turned out to be a most eventful 80 km back in 2011. The story is well known to some of you, but briefly, Peter (now Pierre) decided to get serious about his riding and his weight after our ride 3 years ago (just about to the day) and proceeded to lose a whopping 80 lbs or so.

To commemorate our 3 year anniversary I decided to take the same shots I did back in July ’11. You will be forgiven if you don’t believe it’s the same rider.



2014-07-29 10.09.24





2014-07-29 11.18.37





2014-07-29 12.21.57-2


What a difference a little training and discipline make, huh? He’s a completely different person on the bike now, it goes without saying. But dude, don’t lose any more weight or you’ll put us all to shame 😉


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