My Other Bike

The other day on my ride with Stephen we had a short but serious conversation about my need for a 2nd bike. After all, it was decided, I own a cycling tour company. I need a back-up.

I’ve had this same conversation with my wife, with similar results, but less unanimity. It usually goes something like “stop trying to justify it and just buy the damn thing”.

Then this morning I had a little chat with Dr. James, who has just bought a new BMC, casually throwing out that ‘my other bike is a Prince’.

The way ‘my other bike’ rolled so effortlessly off his fingertips made me once again realize that I need to up my game. I might be the only guy I know without ‘my other bike’. Although I still love it dearly, my dream is to one day be able to say, “my other bike is a Bianchi”.

2014-04-18 19.28.20


27 thoughts on “My Other Bike

  1. You can never have enough bikes. I have 3 that i ride regularly, another that hangs in the shop waiting for trail rides and one more in the rebuild stage. Good luck. There is no need to feel guilty.

  2. Since you can justify it for the business then I would say go for it. As long as the wife agrees. I have a significant birthday coming up and my wife has offered to buy me a new bike (Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 is the one I’ve been eyeing), or an Eames chair ( which costs more than the bike) or a watch. One you can sit on in pain a great deal of the time. One you can sit on in comfort all the time and drink beer. And one you can just watch the years go by with. A real problem as each have their own merit. By the way, the head in the mirror is a nice touch.

    • Luc, I have to reply to this right now because I was just on the Canyon site. Which build-up are you thinking about for the CF SLX? Or is it just the frameset? Their prices are pretty nice for the full bikes, given the wheels and groupsets you get.

      I can’t speak for the comfort of an Eames chair, nor the utility of a watch (I suppose you’re in the right country to buy one, though), but I know you’ll never regret that Canyon. I wonder if they’d give us a discount on two…..

      • Hi Gerry, It was only after reading the Le Cycle Juin 2014 issue that I became more familiar with the Canyon bikes. Out of the 32 bikes tested by their 10 riders they narrowed it down to 5 bikes (and the score). The Canyon (177,7), Look 675 Light (170,1), Cannondale Supersix Evo Red Racing (162,9), B’twin Ultra 940 (152,3), Specialized Venge Pro Race Force(151.9). I have a Cannondale Super Six cheaper model but very pleased with it so I was eyeing that one again particularly because of its weight – 6.4kg including everything. But the Canyon got the high score rating and highest in 5 of the 7 categories. It’s loaded with Shimano Dura Ace components and Mavic Ksyrium wheels. All for Euro 4199 and also weighing in at 6.4kg. Sweet. Would they give a deal for 2? I don’t know. Would have to get the ok from the wife. Let me know.

        • I was looking at the same model, except with Campy, but I would probably feel the need to go up to the next level, with Super Record and R SYS wheels. Then again, the frameset is a great deal, too. Not ready right now, so pull the trigger and let me know how the ride is!

  3. Hmmm Gerry… I’m considering the same and have come to the conclusion why buy something that everyone else has if you’re going to splurge some significant Wonga? How about something original like this:

    Not saying you should go Pink (have a look) just challenging the received wisdom…. (And they’re a local bike builder to me!)

    Or what about building your own steed based on an Open Mould Frame from China? Just ideas… Keep up the great blog. Guy

    • Thanks, Guy. There are tons of options out there, I know. In fact it’s almost overwhelming, which is probably why I tend to look towards the mainstream makers. Once I have enough of that ‘wonga’, I’ll put more serious thought into it!

  4. A man can have too many wives and a man can have too many children, but no man can ever have too many bikes.

  5. And what about a cross-bike for Fall/Winter and gravel rides? And a travel bike for … travel?
    Also good to have a spouse that rides, as she’ll understand, and approve of, the N+1

    Ps: Loved seeing that top 5 bike ratings. Would be fun to have an Italian bike but very happy with my Canondale and my other Canondale 🙂

  6. Hi there, been reading your blog for a while so figured it was time I showed my face! I own a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Pro (Campag Record, Ksyrium SLR WTS wheels) and I have to say it is amazing. Just rode Quebrantahuesos on it and it was a dream (unlike my legs). You wouldn’t regret it; all the great reviews it receives are justified. I’m conscious of its potential popularity, but don’t actually see too many of them (in the UK). Doubt you’ll get a discount though to be honest… Have fun (window) shopping.

    • Richard, thanks for sharing that new Spanish word with us…the event looks pretty tough! I’m thinking of that very build-up, or maybe the one above, so good to hear a positive review. My buddy Karsten also rides a Canyon and he has nothing but good things to say about it. Hard to beat the price for the full bike, too. Cheers.

  7. One guy at my club describes himself as a ‘Canyon addict’ and has a road, cross and a mtb from Canyon.

    Another guy recently took delivery of a Pinarello with the new Super Record EPS. With that ugly external battery pack gone, it looks, sounds (silent) and works great.

  8. One bike ??? I have a lynskey road bike, another lynskey 29er mtb, a Mercian Steel touring bike and a wee folding Brompton for zipping around town into meeting and for jumping in and out of trains for longer commutes.
    I would recommend a steel or ti ‘work of art’ smooth to ride and a frame to cherish long after carbon bikes are switched every few years

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