Everesting: A Thing You Can Do

I have Dr. James to thank for this new cycling idea that won’t go away quietly.


Click on the link, if you’d like to scare the bejeezus out of yourself. Tell me how it turns out. I’ll be rooting for you.

14 thoughts on “Everesting: A Thing You Can Do

  1. OK Gerry..5 consecutive ascents on Ventoux should do it..ready when you are. Perhaps John wants in on this insanity.

    • I keep forgetting about that thing. Will you be doing it again this year? By the way, according to that Strava data, it’s not enough for an ‘Everest’.

  2. Repeats are necessary to keep the ride within manageable limits. The new record was set this weekend in Melbourne. 8848m in 121km. Previously he held the record for the longest Everest at 430km. John van Seters – legend. We all thought it was nuts too!

  3. Hi Gerry,

    This year, I’ve decided to set myself an Everesting challenge. I’ve chosen Trellech Climb near Monmouth and the date has been set for 27th July (Sunday).
    Few of my colleagues from the cycling club in Bristol will come and support me and even ride a few reps with me, I will also have three of my close cycling friends at the top of the hill with a support car and a small camp to cheer me on throughout the day.

    I’ll be completing a total of between 41-44 ascents (approx 14H), in one go obviously, seems like I’ll be the 2nd person in Europe to do this so fingers crossed I can accomplish the challenge


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