Exposing Myself

Some seriously nice weather has hit Le Sud lately and I went out for my first bare-legged ride today. The day began with an early spring ritual Shoko and I always look forward to – The Shaving of the Legs. Today’s was a rough job, accomplished with clippers, but still, it makes me feel like the season is finally upon us. There are no photos of the hams, I’m afraid, but really, you should be thanking me. It’s not a pretty sight…yet.

Today I went out for an ‘endurance ride’ up north and took a familiar route, detouring once to the tiny hamlet of Le Baume. There were 3 or 4 little streets, all with typical names, like the one below. And yes, there was a (functioning) lavoir at the end of this one.

2014-03-08 11.36.33

Very near the lavoir was Ruelle du Chateau, which had one of those on it, too.

2014-03-08 11.35.22

No, this is not on Rue des Portes – just a side door of the chateau.

2014-03-08 11.34.32

Lots of things are blooming at the moment and the vines will be coming soon, I’m sure. I’ll be out tomorrow, too, so brace yourself for more of the same.

2014-03-08 10.53.06

12 thoughts on “Exposing Myself

  1. I know I said it before in my last comment, but I really like the new layout. Nice pictures too.

    Shaving the legs is a ritual that I’ve not yet adopted, even though I understand and appreciate the reasons for doing so.

  2. My legs haven’t seen hair since 1985, the year my daughter was born. Because all my friends were either cyclists of triathletes, it wasn’t until she started dating boys that she learned that “real” men don’t shave their legs,. She still thinks hairy legs on men are a little gross. It’s all relative; we live in the “bizarro” world of cycling.

    • I still like the rhythm of the seasons, so I’ll continue to grow it back over the winter. Plus, I forked out good money for those clippers…

  3. thats a well and good but have you managed to shave anything off your Arse yet
    we had a ride on Saturday called “French Toast Run” first of 4
    2hrs before you eat anything on a small bottle of half water half juice

    that will Hone your Hole !

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