Colnago C60

I’m almost glad I can’t afford one of these new beauties because I wouldn’t know which color to choose.

Click on the photo if you’d like a nice break to your busy day. There are no prices posted, so you can even pretend you have the money to buy one.


9 thoughts on “Colnago C60

  1. Sweet machine. The little video at the end about the hand painting process makes me want to rush out and get one for myself. You’re starting to get me to like these little gems.

  2. It’s a beauty!

    I also agree with Stephen… if it’s about “short.” Yet my wife is finally convinced after a few years with our temperamental Italian kitchen range that we should have followed the advice of my Italian colleagues: Italian for form, but look elsewhere for function (dependable appliances). But a bike is not a kitchen stove 🙂

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