The Grinch Finds His Heart, Getting Unbeatable PR in the Process

I thought I should update the story that I wrote about a few days ago, to wrap it up, but also to give credit where credit it due…sort of.

Social media has proved once again that it moves quicker than a Cavendish sprint (thanks for that one, Rob!) and also that ‘justice’ can prevail once in a while.

Mike Sinyard, founder and CEO of Specialized Bikes, braved the cold Canadian winter to travel up to Cochrane and have breakfast with Dan of Café Roubaix, apologizing in person. This was the first official word from Specialized, I think, and the crisis team definitely came up with a great way of finally saying something. I couldn’t find the video on YouTube yet, so here’s the post from Dan’s FB page.

Pat yourselves on the back while you’re at it. This is a rare victory for the Great Unwashed.

7 thoughts on “The Grinch Finds His Heart, Getting Unbeatable PR in the Process

  1. With the wind chill factor at about -47C in Calgary area this past weekend, it was definitely a monumental gesture by their CEO to defrost an ill advised move by Specialize’s legal team.

    • My mom said it was -16 yesterday morning when she went out (that’s near Toronto), but ‘it didn’t feel that bad’. I sometimes find it hard to believe I used to live in that.

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