Amstel Gold Race – ‘Tour Version’

I didn’t tell you this, but I signed up for the Maratona gran fondo in Italy a few weeks back. They have a lottery system and my number didn’t come up. Disappointed, but undeterred, I waited around for something else ‘epic’ to fall in my lap. Thanks (in a roundabout way) to Chikashi, I have found it.

CaptureThe pro version of this race is the biggest cycling event in Holland and part of ‘Ardennes Week’, which happens after the big Belgian races in early April. This ‘tour version’ is a timed sportive, and has a whole bunch of different distances to choose from, peaking at the same 250 km as the pros use. I opted for 200 km because I’m not a complete maniac. But I could be convinced to up it if you join my team!

Yes, I created a ‘Vicious Cycle‘ team when I registered. If anyone out there wants to join up, just click on the banner above and enter your details. It’s a lottery, too, by the way, so you’ll have to wait till January to find out if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to go and haul your carcass over the never-ending hills of southern Holland.

The event is conveniently being held on Easter weekend, which helps (me at least) with logistics. It’s also sponsored by a brewery, so I’m looking forward to the goodies bag.

20 thoughts on “Amstel Gold Race – ‘Tour Version’

  1. “You can also have your picture taken with one of our ‘Amstel Gold Race ladies'”: OK, this is definitely a pull… but it’s a week before LBL, so I’ll have to save the ladies for another time…

  2. Hi Gerry
    Have a look at the Stelvio Santini. Few of us were looking at doing the Maratona but too much hassle, so we have
    entered the Stelvio instead, looks like a fab day on the bike. Great value to enter at only €40
    which includes a Santini jersey. A lot of other great climbs in the area to clock up as well.

    • Thanks, Paul. Once I got on their site I realized I’d been there before. Looks like a great event, but I’ll be in Scotland that weekend, unfortunately. Would love to hear how it turns out, though.

  3. Would like to have joined you at the Amstel but off to Majorca the week after so too close in time. If you’re in Scotland do you have time for a cycle? Let me know and we can e-mail direct.

    • Jules, where do you live again? I’ll be with the folks, so probably no time for a ride (but you never know). We’re meeting in Edinburgh and doing a road trip around the country for a week. Never been, so looking forward to it a lot.

      Majorca sounds nice. Sounds familiar – are you doing a training camp down there, or just a holiday?

        • That last one looks insane. I’m no F1 fan, so I didn’t even know about that track. I can’t believe how much elevation gain there is…on a race track! Anything’s possible, although the calendar is filling up quickly. How many for a team?

        • Its 1;2;4or 8 a team. For me 4 a team is fine. Then each has 6 to 8 turns. And its not the f1 course. Its the old one . Today Moto and so on. Best tarmac I have ever riden. On one descent there is a speed cam. 90 plus is possible..

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