Garmin Connect ‘Workouts’

If you’re like me, your terrible memory gets tested to its limits when you need to remember something like this:

Quantity 3 3 2 2
Duration :20 :40 1:00 1:30
Cadence (rpm) 60-65 70-75 75-80 85-90
Percent max
sustainable power*
150 120 110 100
Goal average power
for effort**
450 360 330 300

This, according to my Google search, is a ‘typical cyclist’s training workout’. Mine look different, but are no less complex. When I’m on the trainer in front of the computer I usually have Rob’s training program on the edge of my desk so I can see what it is I’m supposed to be doing next. It’s workable (although not very since my eyesight is getting bad, fast), but I think I might have found a solution!

Garmin Connect’s ‘workouts’.


How the ‘create a workout’ page looks.

You can create workout on the site, using HR/Power/Cadence/Speed, etc. as a target, then easily transfer the workout to your device. I’ve only made up one workout, but it worked like a charm. Once it’s in the device you find it, click on ‘Ride’ and start pedaling. You are told what you are supposed to do (e.g. ‘warm up, no target’), with a countdown (5 min for me), then the next part you have waiting for you below (e.g. ‘hold 90 RPM for 50 min’). The countdown begins and if you go outside your ‘zone’ it lets you know about with a threatening double beep. Very handy.

All your workouts can go on the calendar on Garmin Connect, too (in yellow) and your actual training sessions get thrown in under them when you’ve uploaded them (like Thursday below).

I can see all sorts of facility in this new discovery:

  • I can have my whole training schedule on my device and take it with me anywhere.
  • I no longer have to think while training.
  • The fearsome double beeps will keep me honest.

I am sure this little revelation will be old hat for most of you. If you’d like to tell me what other little tricks I’m missing, I’m all ears.


19 thoughts on “Garmin Connect ‘Workouts’

  1. I think I may have to get back to reading the manual. Thanks for the tips. Is that just a sample of the rides done on the calendar, as it doesn’t show km done or power (although you may want to keep that stuff to yourself just like the pros).

    • It’s just the basics, as an overview. If you click on any of the workouts or sessions you see the nitty gritty. If you want to see a list of rides with power and the rest of it on there, you need to go to Analyze – Activities. I’m learning fast!

  2. Gerry, Now that you have a PM & a Garmin you need to be able to use it to its full potential and not just make up exercise to what you think you need! I know you have Rob as a coach but does he use power on his training plans for you? I have attached a link for you to look at I have sent this link before because it is value for money (from £10) for a training plans (mainly turbo based) and are ideal for you while you are starting to use power. All the parameters are worked out for you so all you have to do is sweat!! LoL! Give Tony an email……you have nothing to loose!

    • Bryan, thanks for the link. I’ll take a look. Rob is training with power now, too, so any help I get from him this next season will have it as a base, I’m sure. I’m in ‘maintenance mode’ till January, so this is a perfect time to get to know my new gadget and see what power can tell me. When training starts for real in January everything I do will be based on power…or I’d have wasted a good amount of Euros!

  3. hey Gerry: you are learning beyond fast. I’ve never used the “workout” feature on the Garmin, nor used Garmin Connect. Maybe I should try it: is it easy to share some of those workouts? I’ll give it a try. Thanksgiving here, so my plan is everyday > 1,000kJ to make up for the feast. Three days done; three to go…

  4. Gerry: it is now March 23, 2014 and I just thought of this as I am preparing for my second FTP test [just two months after the first one]. For the first time, I will try programming the test protocol as a “workout” and download it on the Garmin 510.

    I also found a site with public downloadable maps for my old Garmin 705, which is useful to bring when I am riding on location (Mexico is coming up 🙂

    • Jan, I did the same with mine, but I didn’t have the right workout entered! It’s a great function, though, definitely. Have fun in Mexico!

  5. Gerry: I just finished programming my first workout (the FTP Allen & Cohen test). INdeed easy to set up. Will try it Tu or Wed… Have you figured out whether we can share those workouts?

    • No, I don’t see any ‘share’ button there and a quick Google search doesn’t bring up much either. It’d be a great function, that’s for sure.

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