High Road Cévennes

You’ll forgive me if I’ve been quiet of late. Winter, it seems, is not necessarily ‘down time’ in the bike tour industry. John and I (okay, mainly John) have been working on something for many weeks now and we are finally ready to unveil it to the world, or as I like to call it – you!

It’s our 2nd week-long guided tour (the first one is in the Alps, if you haven’t been around that long) in the mountains – High Road Cévennes.

You’ll recognize the name of the mountains if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. It’s a little mountain range (the southern part of the Massif Central) we know very well now and we consider it one of the best places to ride in France (back me up here, Suze, Erik, Stephen!). The tour we’ve designed runs along the length of the Cévennes and highlights awesome canyons (Tarn and Jonte), a couple of equally impressive high plateaus (Méjean and Noir), 4 lovely ‘big’ climbs (Perjuret, Aigoual, Lozère x 2) and a whole bunch of smaller ones on quiet, calm, and…what’s another name for ‘no cars’?…roads.

The tour is all-inclusive, so from the moment we pick you up in Montpellier all you need to worry about it matching your jersey with your socks each day. Accommodation is in some really excellent digs, including an ex-baronial residence, an eco-hotel with a killer wine list and, of course, a chateau.

This tour is for riders who like to climb and is rated ‘challenging’. If you know anyone who might fit this description, we’d be very pleased if you could pass the link below onto them. And even if you don’t, check out the tour page and tell me what you think. You read my blog, so I hold your intelligence in high esteem!



9 thoughts on “High Road Cévennes

  1. Gerry,

    For what it’s worth, I’m glad to tell your readers … the Cévennes are without doubt a magnificent place to cycle. Not as high as the Alps or Pyrenees, the climbs can nonetheless be quite challenging. The region is largely a protected park, much of it recognized for its importance by UNESCO. Unique, beautiful, wild, historic, very few cars, long sweeping descents, those beautiful smooth, little French roads. Have fun!


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