Etape du Tour 2014: How The Heck do you Sign Up?

Have no fear, dear reader, I have the answer! First, registration opens in 2 hours (11am CET). Next, it seems that they have a line-up already. This is new to me, but there’s a site you go to and ‘wait’ till you are told you can register. I suppose this is done to avoid overloading the server, like in previous years. Here’s where you go to wait in virtual line.

While you’re waiting, get your results from any ‘big’ events you’ve done in the past. These will determine which pen they chuck you into.


5 thoughts on “Etape du Tour 2014: How The Heck do you Sign Up?

  1. Hi Gerry
    I’m registered for etape for the third year in a row and second time visiting Tourmalet. Hopefully it will be nicer weather this time.

    Thinking it was opening at noon your time only to find out that it was 11am. I got on line at 5:35 and finished registering at 6:52. It was pretty painless.

      • Hey Gerry.
        Of course it will be worth it. We get to hang out together.

        What gives on that time for you, the line up for locals must be longer than the international line. Sorry to tell you but i got in at 75 Euros + 5 for extra insurance.

  2. Well, I started by clicking on your link, but later realized that each link has a unique ticket number. So, then I created a new one from asochallenge and waited. Between that and work, I didn’t notice I could register until the 95 euros kicked in. But, I’m registered. Now to figure out if I’ll even be able to do it…

    • Sorry about that, Rich. I didn’t realize that link was mine! I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact this ticket never actually worked for me (i.e. there was more than me using it)? I ended up getting in on another ticket for €95, too. I owe you a beer in Pau.

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