How You Know the Off-season is Coming to an End

1. Those jeans you bought in late Spring feel like they’ve just been washed, even when they haven’t.

2. The recycling bin looks like you’ve just had a party, but you haven’t. It’s just you, drinking. Alone. Your wife tells you you’re starting to resemble Doraemon, whose waist is 129.3 cm around (he can also run 129.3 kph when frightened, which is pretty cool).

4. Everything feels like a hill.

5. Your quads keep hitting something on the upstroke. It’s your stomach.

6. You have obviously forgotten what it’s really like to do sessions on the indoor trainer because you are thinking about pulling it out of storage.

7. Nothing fun has been ‘guilt free’ for many weeks.

8. You see cyclists on the road and think, ‘that used to be me.’

9. You start saying things like, ‘yeah, I’m free this weekend’, and think it’s normal.

10. You make Top Ten lists because that’s really the only thing you can come up with to blog about.

20 thoughts on “How You Know the Off-season is Coming to an End

  1. Yes, the legs are back to being Chewbaca-like, and the weight is slightly creeping up. What turbo trainer do you use? I’m looking at cycle0ps

  2. Sounds a bit too familiar… Doraemon is a good one, but I get referred to as Kewpie the mayonnaise baby… Another thing I notice when I haven’t been riding for a little while is that the saddle seems higher / the pedals seem farther than it used to be — just a symptom of my legs having lost a bit of flexibility.

  3. ahhh, the off season..the days of consuming an entire 1 pound bag of potato chips and a pint of Hagen Dazs…the key is to wait for the ice cream to be just soft enough as not to break the chip..takes practice..I do find it difficult to find a good wine to pair it with…

  4. I know you are not supposed to complain about the weather, just dress up and meditate on Rule #5 (HTFU), but this rain here in Belgium is just too much to handle for me at the moment… I still need to find my motivation back…

  5. I forgot to add… I noticed on Strava you had a PR on the 979 downhill…I can’t imagine how much work it was for the road crew to steepen that section..

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