Problems: Some More Serious Than Others

In my mind I am playing the following game:

I am hiding from myself the fact that I can’t actually afford a 2014 Colnago C59 frame, and so I am moving onto color choices. Play along with my delusions, if you will, and tell me which color you would choose.

1. 78cc5fd080106cfd42e2f2395562c80ec66a825b 2. C59_12BK_1200x900 3. C59_12WH_1200x900 4. Colnago_C59_colour_INRD1200x900 5. Colnago_C59_Europcar_2014 6. Colnago_C59_italia_COLOUR_INCI_1200x900 7. Colnago_C59_Italia_Colour_INNR_1200x9008. Nero9.



1381945_733211213360044_1715803680_nI am leaning towards #5, which is a limited edition color and supposed to replicate, in some manner, Europcar’s color scheme.

I like both the blacks, too, but everybody is buying black these days. Also, they look more aggressive than I can ride, which would be a mismatch.

#4 is not bad either, and if I want to fly the colors of my roots (Canada), it might work.

I even like the bumble bee bike up there. This is not going to be an easy hypothetical choice.


45 thoughts on “Problems: Some More Serious Than Others

  1. After your Haute Route performance, you can’t expect us to believe you’re not an aggressive rider. By the way, number 6 looks very Italian, and I can see you in either 1 and 8. Good luck, nice problem to have.

  2. Wau, they’re finally released these colors! 5. doesn’t look too bad, and they’re all a lot better than 2013 colors. I would go for one of the black ones, but what you suggested is totally true. Having had my good old C50 damaged on the flight to Geneva for the Haute Route, was in the market for a new C59. Was waiting for these new colors, but as they were holding them back, went ahead to order a 2014 Bianchi Oltre. Hope I won’t be regretting, as I’ve been super happy with the Colnago for years..

    As for the financials: make sure you pay it in cash, so you won’t have to think about the cost after the purchase is done.

    • Excellent advice, but I don’t have a credit card anyway!

      There are actually more varieties for 2014 than what I’ve posted. I just put up the ones I thought I could live with. By the way, it took ages to find these things. The Colnago site doesn’t have them all and emails to them have been ignored. What’s with all the secrecy!?

      I’m sorry to hear about your C50, but glad to hear the positive feedback. I doubt you’ll regret the Oltre, by the way. It is very high on my list of non-Colnagos!

      Did you ride that damaged bike in HR?

      • I don’t understand all this secrecy with Colnago. I mean, this is the perfect time to order a bike if you’re into a long term purchase. Even if I hadn’t gotten a good deal on the Oltre, I’m not sure I could have waited this long to place the order.

        No, I didn’t dare to do to HR on cracked frame. Was lucky enough to get one of the Look bikes to ride.

        • I wonder if it’s secrecy or laziness? I mean, why put out 4 colors on the site but not the rest!? It’s probably marketing genius because now that I’ve found the ‘lost colors’ I feel I need them…

          By the way, I see you’ve started a blog. I’ll be following your progress! Did you have one for this year’s HR?

        • I wonder if it’s secrecy or laziness? I mean, why put out 4 colors on the site but not the rest!? It’s probably marketing genius because now that I’ve found the ‘lost colors’ I feel I need them…

          By the way, I see you’ve started a blog. I’ll be following your progress! Did you have one for this year’s HR?

  3. It’s got to be no 5. It is the only one pimpin’ the “The High Road” colours making it easier to be a legitimate tax deduction for the business **check with your accountant about the accuracy of the last statement**

  4. The stealth look of 8 is very much in vogue these days so there is a risk of it looking rather dated in a few years. However, that risk is mitigated by the fact that the look is currently limited to flagship models. When it trickles down to entry and mid level models, then it will be all over the place… All that said, 8 would be my selection amongst the options presented. I love white bikes (I have 2 white bikes) but, as mentioned already, gets ‘dirty’ very quickly. Also, a bike’s colour scheme cannot be considered in isolation since you will be astride it wearing whatever kit you wear. Too often, I see a chromatic travesty on 2 wheels that could have been easily avoided… Fun and games.

    • I usually bust all the rules of color coordination JUST with my kit, so going neutral with the bike might have some merit. As usual, Chikashi, you make sense.

  5. Black does seem to be the in thing at the moment but not sure it is my kind of colour (although yesterday’s cool weather ride had me looking like johny cash). My first gut feeling was for number 5 as it seem to have a bit of newness to the colour. Then like you number 4. Maybe you should take a page from Apple’s colour scheme. First it was black, then white, now gold. Could you handle a gold Colnago?

    • Luc, did you know there was a rider in HR named John Cash? Unfortunately, he wasn’t in all black. I think I can get an all-yellow paint job, but that’d look too much like the postman here in France.

  6. Gerry,

    Mine is No. 8. I’m pleased as punch with it 14 months on, and deem it to be a classic that will never go out of style. That said, given its relative popularity, were I buying my C59 today, I might go with one of the colorful choices. (Then again, I might not.) I love your 5! If that one spoke to you, go for it. One bit of advice: if you haven’t already, find a store that’s got lots of Colnago frames and eyeball them in person. It seems obvious to say, but having been in your shoes a year ago, I’ll say it anyway: they look a lot different in person than in print or on line. A lot better too, which is lovely. In person they pop.

    Very exciting, Gerry. Enjoy!


    • Chris, that’s excellent advice. My shop only has two at the moment and I doubt they’ll ever have many more. I might need to take a drive to Italy for a better selection. I’ll look around.

      The Nero is a great-looking bike and one I’ve seen on one or two blogs, I think. I’ll bet it’s popular in the North American market. Thanks for the encouragement, even if this is all hypothetical!

  7. Oh no! Not another bike in Doomy Black – I’d pick the bumble bee if it were me though I grant you you then have to be quite discerning about a clothing colour clash….:~}

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