Haute Route: What, so soon…?

hr-alps-logoHaute Route is bearing down upon us like the freight train it’ll surely feel like being hit by more than a few times next week (if that sentence made any sense to you, I congratulate you). My Facebook timeline is awash with my teammates’ grand farewells to their friends and family, their apologies to those same people for ignoring them all this season (not to mention the neglected lawns), and their stats. Of course, their stats. All this activity, apart from making me shake uncontrollably with fear, makes me think I should say something, too.

You’ve been around this blog long enough to know that this whole last year has been devoted to getting myself ready for this week. You know that the Haute Route is billed as the Highest and Toughest Cyclosportive in the World. You probably are aware that we’ll be riding over 800 km in 7 days, crossing a whole lot of really big cols that will total 21,400 meters of climbing by the time we hit Nice. And how, you may reasonably ask, do I suppose I can do this? It’s a good question and one I can only answer with stats. Of course, stats.

This year so far I’ve:

  • Ridden 9600 km
  • Spent 378 hours on the bike

These numbers will be larger than some of my fellow Haute Route riders, and far less than many others (Rob is a good example, but I have yet to confirm that he is actually human). Within those numbers, hide the subtle change in training this year. Coach has had me focus more on endurance (cue the 4-hour indoor trainer session nightmares!) and I have taken it upon myself to find as many climbs as I have been able to. I don’t even know how many times I’ve climbed Mont Ventoux this season, but it must be over 10. I’m hoping that means something.

I have my own thank yous and apologies to make (e.g. to my wife, who had every weekend this year occupied by my sometimes-day-long-rides) and you are high on the list, readers – both visible and invisible. This blog keeps me honest, but more importantly, gives me more motivation through your many great, engaging and encouraging comments. You can take some credit, if I arrive alive in Nice!

Although I don’t see it anywhere on the site, I know that you will be able to watch me (or anyone, or everyone) ‘live’ each stage of the race. They’ll put something up soon, I’m sure, so just check the site and search for my bib number: 570 and scream at the page to tell me not to be such a slacker, if you like.


17 thoughts on “Haute Route: What, so soon…?

  1. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team. I’ve been following from Canada since you announced you guys were going to do this. You’ll do alright!

  2. Nice stats. I’m sure we’ll meet up along the way. By the way, you can download the Haute Route app and apparently you can follow live on that.

  3. Hi Gerry – great luck on HR this year – wish I were there, but I know you’ll enjoy the hell out of it. It is really a super class organized event, so you will love it, I’m sure. Don’t forget to mazimize your recovery time each day. When you cross the line focus on food and massage no matter what. Talk to others later, make recovery your number one goal each day – it will make a difference. I think you are ready for an exploit as the say, so good luck one more time.


    • Rich, thanks for the kind encouragement. I know it’ll be a great adventure. I’m especially looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of like-minded people, but I’ll make sure I do that AFTER recovery!

      Full updates as they come in.

  4. This is all your fault Gerry. You dangled the carrot and you knew I couldn’t resist. Why couldn’t we have bonded like other guys, over a couple beers watching Sunday afternoon sports on a big screen TV while eating greasy food.
    See you in a couple days….I hear pain welcomes company.

    • I seem to remember one very large beer in Nice. It was a good start, but cycling got in the way somewhere along the line! Just printed out my TGV ticket. See you tomorrow!

  5. Hey Gerry,

    Hard, no impossible to imagine you as a slacker, so that’s not what I’ll be yelling. But yell I will!

    Have a fabulous, and safe race … all your training is sure to pay off and you’ll do totally great … what an awesome (not in the teenager’s sense) experience… Bon courage et bonne chance!


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