Going Places

I’ll be going quiet for a week or so. I just wanted you to know so you didn’t worry.

I’ll be here (among other high places).P1080463

With 18 amigos from here.

Colombia flag

And Gringo John of course.


I’ll be riding a bit, but mostly playing waterboy to our fearsome Colombian climbers. Hasta luego!

6 thoughts on “Going Places

  1. Looking forward to the report Gerry. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to know if these Columbians live up to their killer climber reputation. My bet is YES.
    Enjoy the Ride…Rob

    • I get to ride ‘against’ them (will this affect any potential tips..?) on a Cime de la Bonette TT a few days into the tour, so I’ll have a very good idea then! My guess is they’ll live up to their reputation, just like you said.

  2. Back from The Alps with all limbs still firmly attached to all our Colombians. More later, once I recover from the general awesomeness of these guys.

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