Monthly Report: June (and a ride)

I had big hopes for June, since so much of May was a write-off due to being sick. I think I could have done more, but I’m not disappointed. Here are my numbers.

  • Total Distance: 1887 kilometers
  • Total Time: 79 hours
  • Total Ascent: 25,615 meters, including 5 Ventouxs (84,039 feet, to impress my American friends!)
  • Total Butt Blisters: 2, but I’ve got some magic Japanese cream that takes care of these babies! Not a problem.

I was gunning for 2000 km this month, but it didn’t work out. However, I think the next two numbers are more important…I hope. Nearly 80 hours in the saddle is double last month and 10 more than last June. Also – and possibly even more crucial for Haute Route – I’ve climbed 7000 meters more this June than last (my biggest month in ’12). Considering HR is basically a race of climbs, I’d like to think I’m looking at the right numbers here.

(and a ride)

To celebrate my last day on the bike this June, new cycling buddy Stephen and I went into the Cévennes once again for one of the best 85 km loops in the area. Most of it is a long, pretty approach, coupled with a long, pretty return. In the middle is the 15km ascent of the Col du Pré de la Dame – one of the climbs up Mont Lozère.

Here’s one of 12 numbered and named switchbacks.

2013-06-30 11.11.32
2013-06-30 11.12.54

And the view from that turn. You can’t see it, but Mont Ventoux is way over there. Our route started in Bessèges, somewhere straight ahead, in them thar hills.


In honor of the Tour de France, Stephen found a yellow Citroen.



More impressive stats (a bonus for the hardy ones who read to the end):

  • Weight: 65 kg (142 lb). I think I’m near to where I need to be. Maybe one more kg.
  • Fat Percentage: 11% (the old skin is starting to sag – a good sign)

July will see me take over a week completely off the bike most likely, due to a tour I’m guiding with ‘Gringo John’ (the Colombians swear this is a term of affection..). That doesn’t leave a lot of time, so I think there’ll be more visits to the mountains I’m lucky enough to have on my doorstep.


21 thoughts on “Monthly Report: June (and a ride)

    • It’s not bum cream. It’s good for just about anything. I hope the same thing about the weather. I’m afraid to look at the long-term forecast yet.

  1. Solid numbers. That seems like a pretty good weight unless you are about four feet tall. I’m guessing you are around 5’10”, which means you’re probably in toothpick territory.

    • Around that height on a good day, yep. The monthly numbers will not look any better than June, I think, but I’ll be doing a whole bunch of climbing a few weeks before Haute Route, which should at least bring the elevation ones up.

  2. Nice work mate. You pipped me on ascent by 4,175 meters. Pretty impressive considering I got an extra 1.3 Ventoux ascents in on you.

    • Hang on, I just realized something. Is this supposed ” 25,615 meters” as measured by your Strava App on your phone? Or just a wild guess? We need accurate readings here please.

  3. you are a lean mean cycling machine…I especially appreciate when you clip in on only 1 pedal when we ride together….very charitable

  4. Great stats……Now to ride as a team….also what is the problem at the TDF white bus, and white dog… you feel that something big is going to happen this year

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