Ghost Rider

Has this ever happened to you?

I’m out on my ride this morning, freewheeling into one of the many little villages we have in the hinterlands here, and I hear the tick, tick, tick of another rider behind me. I’m going pretty slow, but he seems happy to hold my wheel.

At the roundabout on the other side I turn left onto a fast, flat road that leads to the little mountain I have behind home. I’ve got a side wind that makes me want to push a bit, plus I can ‘feel’ this guy’s presence. I accelerate to over 40 kph, trying not to look like I’m dying a slow death. I think he’s still with me, but I’m not surprised – he’s doing only 70% of the work I am, after all.

I see a rise in the road ahead and decide that this is the place to get rid of him. I drop down 2 rings and hammer up the rise, knowing that my burst of speed has created a gap, and that the wind will  keep us apart. I am confident I am the stronger rider for no reason whatsoever.

At the top of the rise I go down 2 more and gun it down the other side because I am sure he’s thinking that this is the place I’ll take a breather. I time trial all the way to the intersection, where both of us must stop. I place a foot down at the end of the road and turn around.

There’s nothing behind me. Nobody.

He must have turned right at that roundabout and I was racing with myself the whole way. At least I won.

14 thoughts on “Ghost Rider

  1. gerry you are going odd.that was me on your wheel today….your spending too much time online 🙂

    didnt you blog last year about a europecar pro with the same problem

    i love it when it happens.its a good chance to test your legs….tri giys are worst to shake because of mono brain/speed

  2. yeah..he turned right at the roundabout..yeah..thats it…by the way..LSD means long slow distance..just wanted to clarify in case you signed up for the Gran Fondo of Fantasia

  3. I don’t think that I need to add any more sarcasm here but I should add that I have had an e-mail from a Dutch friend complaining about some crazy skinny guy spoiling their nice day out on Mt Ventoux by appearing to think that the road belonged to him and going past them like a demonic fart.

  4. Now THAT’S funny! If it were me, I probably would have pulled over and let him pass. If I was feeling passive-aggressive enough, I would have sped up and sucked his wheel.

    • This kind of thing happens from time to time to me and I don’t ride when most others are out (mid afternoon usually). I can only imagine the number of imaginary races I’d have if I rode in the mornings.

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