2 Measly Months

sitelogo2It hit me today that it is the 18th. The very same day I will be rolling out of Geneva with my Vicious teammates (and seeing the way they have been training, it may be the last I see of them for the remainder of the day).

Two months is not a lot of time, but it’s also plenty of time, depending on your perspective on these things. My normal way through life is to forget about the inevitable till it is too late, but I have learned a thing or two from cycling.

  1. That attitude doesn’t work. Weakness will be exposed on the 1st rise in the road. 
  2. Quality miles in the legs is everything. 

It is with this spirit that I play hooky once again tomorrow and go forth in search of that elusive ‘Ventoux Triple 2013’. The meteo is calling for thunder storms, so keep your expectations in check. With a little luck I’ll be reporting back soon.

10 thoughts on “2 Measly Months

    • I think you’re right. Feeling pretty good at the moment, if not lightning fast. I’ll just keep looking for mountains around here and I should be fine.

  1. Bon chance!

    So you assert that forgetting about the inevitable until it is too late is actually a BAD thing? Interesting. This philosophy is the very foundation of my life. Perhaps I will need to rethink some things.


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