To Cassis, with GoPro

My generous friend, Erik, lent me his GoPro to use on our Alps tour next month and I found a chance today to test it out. Sorry to inflict my first try out on you, good reader. The good news is that you can just sit back and view this blog post. I’ve even added some classic tunes to make it less painful.

First, a short spin from the parking lot in Marseille, up the Vieux Port.

Next, a part of the climb out of the city, on the way to the awfully pretty and equally touristy village of Cassis.

Finally, the same climb but the other way. It isn’t the best descent I’ve had this week, but it comes a close 2nd…except for that jerk in the blue car taking the fun out of it a little.

15 thoughts on “To Cassis, with GoPro

  1. The videos are brilliant! Really brilliant…especially the decent to Rock and Roll! The blue car coming out almost made me soil myself and I’m sitting here at my desk – some people are fools. Terrifying, but brilliantly captured. The stuff you are prepared to do for your art!

    When you lean into a corner you can really appreciate the speed. What was the % on the climb? How fast were you going on the way down?

    Looking forward to more videos…these are fun. Often toyed with the idea of getting a GoPro and borrowed one myself last fall and did a commuting video and a couple of other small things with it, but it is quite expensive and I wonder whether the novelty would wear off?

    • almost me soil my myself, too, James! I think the speed looks ‘speedier’ on the video. I never got past 60 kph. I’m very tempted to try this on the Ventoux descent, but I’d probably have people throwing up! I think the percentage was around 6%-7%.

      I don’t know if I’d ever buy a GoPro just for cycling, but definitely for guided tours it will be a great tool to have. The memories that clients can take back with them will be priceless.

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