An Auspicious Beginning to a Self-guided Tour

Next in my series of ‘too poor for a new camera so be content with one decent smartphone photo’ blog articles, I present you Terry and Debbie; a lovely couple from the great state of Washington, at the beginning of their self-guided tour. The sun was shining and the winds had not picked up at this point. I have not heard from them since I left them at the Imperator this morning, so this can only be good news. Bonne Route you two!

2013-05-27 08.44.49

Focus road bikes supplied by our friends at VeloRoo.

3 thoughts on “An Auspicious Beginning to a Self-guided Tour

  1. Gerry…you’re photos are quite good..composition and all…the camera in the smart phones is 100 times better than the ones we used on assignments when we first started to use digital in 1999 and 2000. technology…geez
    11 days and counting…

    • Coming from you, I’ll take the compliment gladly, Stephen! The quality is miles better than my old iPhone, too. Would be nice to have a little bit of a zoom, though.

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