Swiss Bikes in French Provence

A quick post today because I’ve been busy enjoying a family-inspired rest from the bike. While touring my sister around Provence yesterday I stopped in at the place below, which was unfortunately closed.

This is a BMC Test Center, where you can check out the latest offerings from Cadel Evans’ Swiss bike maker, as well as take any of them out for the day (for 40€). It is also on the grounds of a really pretty and posh vineyard that allows visitors to stroll through its vines. Needless to say, I’ll be back.

Bike Center:

Vineyard and hotel:

2013-05-24 11.46.17

15 thoughts on “Swiss Bikes in French Provence

  1. With a forced 3 days off with man flu, I think I’ve become a little partial to that BMC e-bike with its by-line ‘avoid sweating…..’ Enjoy your break.

  2. Apparently snow at the 500m level. None in town but getting tired of this wet cold weather. Friend in Dublin says its coldest there since 1883!!

  3. Hamburg is wettest May since they write downords.

    Nice place! Got to go there and compare with my 2009 BMC…

  4. I had a reservation last year for lunch in the garden restaurant of this hotel and didn’t get to go because my travel companion’s bike didn’t arrive into Paris, which set all our plans awry and I had to leave Provence a day early. Looks like it would be a fun afternoon with the test center there now. Thanks for sharing the news.

    • It’s an excellent location, no question about that. Easy access to both sides of the Luberon. The bike center intrigues me. I hope they’re open next time…

  5. Gerry, My brother Mike stopped by the BMC test center today, following your tip. Also after he rode Mt Ventoux from the Malaucene side, he and his wife and a friend took the car tour loop Crestet – Gigondas that I had written about last year. They then had dinner at La Fleur Bleue restaurant (recommended!) 1km outside the town of Crestet, they said it was very special. Thought I would reciprocate a good tip with you,

    • Your brother chose wisely, going up the Malaucene side, with the wicked wind we’ve been having. It would be a lot more ‘friendly’ from the north side right now. Thanks very much for the restaurant recommendation, too. We’re going to working on a Provence tour for next year pretty soon, so this kind of intel is golden. Thanks!

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