UCI World Cycling Tour Finals: Missed it by…Quite a Bit, Actually.

The UCI have finally posted the qualifying men and women from the St. Tropez Granfondo who will have the chance to go to Italy this September for the World Cycling Tour Finals in Trento.

Sadly – and as predicted – I will not be carbing up on pasta this Fall. Here are the qualifying guys in my group (45-50):

Patrick Fiorentino France
Daniel Fricker France
J.Luc Chavanon France
Hedwig Van Landeghem Belgium
Antonio Puccio Italy
Erik Ruesink Holland
Lothar Steidler Belgium
Pascal Bogaert France
Stefan Verhaeghe Belgium
Frank Scheffer Holland
Thierry Bernard France
Ed Nicoll France
Fabrice Joudioux France
Philippe Boisneau France

M. Boisneau, the nearest to me, finished 15 places ahead of me in my category, but was only 1.4 kph faster than me. I have learned my lesson and there will be no drinking, eating or pissing in next year’s attempt!

16 thoughts on “UCI World Cycling Tour Finals: Missed it by…Quite a Bit, Actually.

  1. Hard luck Gerry

    I find i get better results too if i cut out the beer, burgers and anti social behaviour at least the night before an event

    • Thanks, John. I’m not sure because the age categories are different between the race (40-49) and the UCI qualifier (45-49). Probably middle of the crowd, though, I’d guess.

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